Upgrade, Upskill & Uplift You &  Your Team with The College's Personal &  Professional Workshops.

With the help of Annette and our team, The Career College will guide you onto the path to success.
In workshops and seminars, you will develop skills to achieve your personal, professional and business goals.

Jobseekers MONDAY MINDSET – Mondays @ 9:30am

Young Adults MONDAY MINDSET -2nd Monday of each month @ 1:30pm

Business & Executives MONDAY MINDSET – 2nd Monday of each month @ 4:00pm

MONDAY MINDSET Masters – 2nd Monday of each month @ 7:00pm


Meditation & Mastery

Calling in all women from any and all walks of life to join in a powerful weekend of exploration and discovery with other amazing women and Annette Hurley Executive, Mindset and Career Coach.

These nurturing and inspiring sessions will give you some very much deserved “ME TIME” to stop, relax, learn and grow spiritually, personally and professionally alongside other powerful women seeking to reach greater levels of empowerment and to CREATE THE LIFE YOU DREAM.

4th Tuesday Monthly



Calling in all women from any and all walks of life to join in a powerful weekend of exploration and discovery with other amazing women and Annette Hurley Executive, Mindset and Career Coach

Workshop Dates February 2023:

Friday 10th Feb 4pm to 8pm Registration, Meet & Greet

Saturday 11th Feb 9am to 4.30pm Day 1

Sunday 12th Feb 9am to 4.30pm Day 2

Sunday 26rd Feb 9am to 4.30pm Day 3 Reunite, Reflect & Review

Are you at a career crossroads?

In the Excite Your Career Program The Career College will help you every step of the way to gain clarity, direction, self-confidence and self-esteem during this exciting period in your life. We take pride in assisting individuals such as yourself to take control of their lives and

Bookings available via appointment 

Support your students beyond the classroom’s curriculum

Learn the practical tools and skills to best support your students to face life after school. With a focus on careers, mindset, and recruitment processes you will be able to prepare your students for the expectations of the professional world giving them the confidence to face it head on.

Bookings available via appointment 

Support your child in their next step

At The Career College we want to support you to empower your child. In our Parents as Career Coaches Workshop, we will help you navigate the complexities of the current job market, help improve parent/teen communication and provide you with the tools and strategies to support your child gaining career clarity.

Bookings available via appointment 

Attract and retain top tier talent

Designed for HR professionals, managers and anyone involved with onboarding and staff recruitment, The Career College’s Recruitment Workshops will be invaluable to your business. From conducting an effective job analysis all the way through to induction and development programs we will assist you in attracting and retaining top tier talent.

Bookings available via appointment 

Empower Yourseld & Empower Others 

Our Leadership workshops are intensive development programs designed for new and emerging, established, and executive leaders looking to take their career to the next level. Whether you are graduating high school, busy running a business or leading a change program or restructure our leadership workshops will assist you in becoming the best leader you can be.

Bookings available via appointment 

A practical, powerful solution that works

Our Cooperative Companies Workshop empowers individuals with the missing link – “The Cooperative Power way”. A formula and solution to success, your employees will create more harmony and success and concurrently improve overall organizational performance and bottom-line results.

Bookings available via appointment 

Live intentionally, live authentically

At The Career College the development of your personal growth and business is our top priority. Our workshops will help facilitate you to not only think strategically about youR career but review the decisions you make with a view to personal improvement, creating the life YOU want, and fulfilling your unlimited potential. We will help you to gain clarity about your career, build confidence and a positive sense of self to exceed in every area of your life, actualise the best version of yourself and break-free of self-imposed limitations.

Bookings available via appointment 

Personal profiling and support to achieve your career dreams

Our Professional Development Workshops provide personalised, one-on-one sessions to support executives, leaders and managers, employees and individuals to develop their leadership skills, build relationships, overcome challenges, accelerate their development, and achieve their goals.

Bookings available via appointment