To the amazing powerful Goddess Annette… Thanks again for everything. The coaching, mentoring, love and support. I know I can go forward and be fearless in whatever it is I do in my life! I will stay strong and be brave in my journey ahead. Please stay in touch as I know I will need you at some stage soon. Xx
I took the Youth Career Guidance Program (Tertiary) and found it to be wonderfully insightful. I was able to identify and understand different aspects of myself professionally and how they correlated with university degrees and career options. I also reaffirmed decisions while being able to remove the confusion I had felt previously. Annette was a wonderful guide and supporter throughout this process.
My session with Annette was very powerful. She helped me reach deep down inside to find my hidden passions. I had buried my desires so much that I was not aware I had them. When I went home and followed Annette’s instructions on writing out all the things I love, I was amazed at what came up. I then realized that I could follow my passions instead of trying to fit into a career that wasn’t really me. Thank you so much.
It is with absolute pleasure that I recommend the professional services of Annette Hurley & Company. Annette streamlined, organised & prioritised both my personal & professional aspirations & career development Incorporating a non-judgemental approach, with sensitive & knowledgeable expertise, Annette has enabled me to further pursue my career in business management. I admire the integrity, honesty & ethical approach utilised by Annette Hurley to confirm my professional & personal career development. She is an expert at workplace environment development, conflict resolution, career & personal development, coaching & mentoring with a Human Resources Degree to well qualify her for all of the above. I have found her seminars & management courses highly beneficial, resulting in productive, harmonious employees & employer relations & increased productivity in the workplace. "Influence & Not Authority" is the collective, cohesive & consistent style of workplace management I believe achieves the very best results & I feel strongly that Annette is well equipped to ensure that these practices are incorporated into today’s workplace environment.
The resume advice session with Annette Hurley was very useful. Not only did I receive great feedback and suggestions on my resume structure, but also she made me realise how much I have actually achieved in my professional career. When evaluating past work experiences, I tended to leave important parts out or got wrapped up in the wording. Annette Hurley helped me with her knowledgeable advice and I feel now much more confident applying for jobs or potential interviews as I gained self-confidence about my achievements. Thank you so much.
I have recently had the miss fortune of being unemployed, and more recently had the privilege of engaging Annette to satisfy me with my employment needs. A great big thank you to Annette Hurley, the apprehension of moving forward can be hard from any ones prospective, from my very first conversation with Annette I felt at ease first class attitude in every respect warm caring and a listening ear and most helpful, superb communication almost instant. I would highly recommend Annette Hurley. Annette could only be described as consummate in every respect of her profession and thank you once again and I wish you every success.
I have had the privilege to work with Annette for almost a 6 years now. She is inspirational, motivational and has helped me to expand my business and my mindset. I attribute a large part of my business and personal success to her guidance and her unwavering love and support. Annette, you have changed my life in ways that I cannot put into words. Thank you so very much.
Thank you Annette I believe your advice will prove invaluable. I appreciate and value your time and I am grateful that you have put my career into a new context and new way of thinking. A very ,very powerful message.
Getting clear about my career was a great introductory career workshop. It gave me the tools I need to become more self-aware not only with my strengths and weaknesses as well as what I am looking for in an employer. It was also a great networking opportunity. Annette's respectful leadership style allows for a welcoming environment where all participants were encouraged to actively participate. I can't wait to see what other workshops involve.
I was told that people come into our lives for a reason or a season… I definitely think you came into mine for a reason. Getting stuck into the ‘list’ today xx