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It is time for new beginnings, new professional and personal goals!

The Career College invites you to join us for a live coaching session: Business and Executives MONDAY MINDSET,  with Annette Hurley together with likeminded executive business professionals and owners, fellow Career College Inner Circle members and guests.

Refocus - Reenergise - Reboot - Reinvent

In This 1 Hour Group Coaching Session You Will...

Elevate Your Team & Business

Join Business and Executives MONDAY MINDSET workshops with Annette together with like-minded professionals seeking greater clarity, better work life balance, workplace harmony and abundance.

Attend Monday Mindset and be eligible to join The Career College’s Private Inner Circle where conscious business owners and executives share, learn and grow together.

TCC Inner circle members enjoy access to a range of benefits for both professional and personal use including…

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Transform Your Life

Annette Hurley Jobseekers MONDAY MIND SET coach

Monday Mindset Facilitator – Annette Hurley

With 30+ years of experience Annette is an Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer as well as an Academic, Executive, Mindset & Career Coach. She provides much more than text book coaching. Her eclectic background enables her to deliver a results oriented, knowledgeable and holistic approach for business owners and individuals from all walks of life.

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