Providing Career Coaching from Leaving School to Retirement

Our experience has shown us that everyone can achieve their desired career through engaging an expert mentor.
In a Career Coaching session you will meet with a highly experienced and compassionate mentor that will coach you,
offer encouragement and guide you on your career journey.

What could these services involve and what can we help you achieve?

The Career College Candidate Care Services

TCC welcomes Individuals from all walks of life, at all stages of their career in an inclusive supportive and non-judgemental environment to explore their career options and with gaining the necessary career, mindset and practical tools to be successful in their chosen career and life.

In today’s busy automated world many job seekers find it difficult to talk to Hiring Managers and Recruiters. They often find themselves receiving numerous automated rejection letters or even worse no response to their many job applications. This can be disheartening and cause many quality candidates to doubt themselves unnecessarily.

Annette Hurley, Managing Director of The Career College (Professional Recruiter 35 years’ + experience) has witnessed quality candidates on numerous occasions miss out on jobs they were well matched for due to a lack of career clarity and confidence, a poorly presented resume, ineffective job search or interview skills.

Annette has also witnessed many new hires struggle with employment negotiations, integrating into the workforce, navigating workplace relationships and with career progression.

In her observation new migrates often underestimate the value of their overseas experience. Some missing out on their ideal job because they do not understand their career options, the Australian job market, resume formats, interview formats or how to successfully integrate into the Australian workforce.

Supporting job seekers from leaving school to retirement is one of the many reasons Annette Hurley founded The Career College.

The Career College’s candidate care services support job seekers with gaining career clarity, breaking free of limits, gaining self-confidence and self-esteem, creating a success mindset as well as quality supporting documentation and the necessary skills and strategies to be successful in their chosen career and to be the best they can be in every area of life.