The Career College's partner company The Acorn Group (TAG) are leading Executive Search specialists.

TAG are the global experts successfully appointing Executive Management Teams, Board of Directors positions from Chairperson, Non-Executive Directors, CEO, COO, CFO, and CIO, through to mid-level executive achievers across all functions within an organisation across all industries and professions.

Do you want the cream of the executive crop?

If you do, you’re not alone. The market for premium executive talent has never been tighter. With skill shortages across the board, many companies are struggling to fill their key positions.

That’s where The Career College (TCC) can help. Through our executive search and headhunter partner, Acorn Group, we can meet all your needs – sourcing, interviewing, onboarding and nurturing the most talented candidates, to help you keep them.

End-to-end executive recruitment solutions will ensure you access star performers both nationally and overseas.

Acorn will scan its deep talent networks, helping you tune in to superior frontline talent.

This means you employ leading candidates, optimising business opportunities while minimising hiring costs.

Why choose us?

  • Our partner, Acorn Group, is renowned for finding and attracting top-notch passive candidates, in multiple disciplines.
  • Rely on Acorn’s skilled head-hunting negotiators to source and persuade perfect candidates not yet looking for other work.
  • Enjoy the benefit of tapping into a wide talent network established by executive recruiters.
  • Access cross-industry talent in mining and gas, also professional services including hospitality, accounting, legal, health and medical services.

Post placement support, second to none

Once you’ve found your ideal candidate, TCC can show you exactly how to keep them.

Through our intensive support programs, we can offer you a range of services tailored to suit the needs of your executive staff – and truly bring out their best.

This ensures that candidates stay in complete alignment with your company’s short-term needs, medium-term commitments and long-term vision.

Executive employees tend to be knowledgeable, ambitious and high calibre individuals, with clear career goals and high expectations of their employer.

It’s important to show them that you see them, hear them and take their needs seriously.

What better way to do this than supporting their wellbeing and working life through comprehensive career development measures?

These include finely nuanced coaching, executive mentoring, employee assistance programs and tailored training and upskilling opportunities.

This helps you manage and nurture your employees across the life cycle. With your staff as your most precious commodity, why consider anything less?

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