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Leaders in the human potential movement The Career College provides highly effective and transformative Personal, Professional, Executive, Mindset & Career Coaching, Keynote Speaking, Employment Assistance Programs, Leadership & Organisational Development.


Live fearlessly and create heaven on earth.

To enlighten all to a new way of being. Provide practical education in mindset, life, career, and business skills together with ongoing support and a like-minded community to facilitate desired changes, develop a healthy mindset and success in every area of life creating

INNER PEACE which has a ripple effect


To provide coaching  and educational programs in a nurturing and safe environment which  empowers individuals and organisations to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, a success mindset and practical skills to break free of limits, enabling exploration of  unlimited potential resulting in clarity,  authenticity, freedom, and exponential abundance.


The Career College is a Leading Edge Coaching Company specialising in:

Annette Hurley, Life Strategist & Transformational Speaker
Since 1983 Founder & Managing Director, Annette Hurley has been supporting entrepreneurs & individuals to succeed personally and professionally

The Career College's Annette Hurley

About Annette

"My deepest desire is to assist you with breaking free of limits, support you to develop a success mindset and CREATE THE LIFE YOU DREAM"

Annette knows what employers are seeking. She has over 30 years’ career coaching and recruitment experience across a broad range of industries and professions.
She has established and successfully run two recruitment agencies, career coaching companies and has also owned a registered training organisation (RTO). Annette often donates her time via community service to Universities, schools, professional and community groups and radio programs.

Annette has over a decade of experience in higher education working as tutor and University Lecturer, together with a comprehensive background in Corporate Training and Development.
Annette quotes “MY VISION is to help create peace on earth, peace within self, in the workplace, and in our homes by empowering people to find their purpose, break free of limits and live their dream life. Learning to love ourselves and using our unique gifts and talents to live a happy and more fulfilling life.”

Your journey is unique and ever evolving.

We appreciate this, together with your need for a private and confidential service which progresses as you do.

That’s why all our services are tailored to your individual and/or organisational needs.

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The Career College is Proudly Australian Owned and Operated