I am Captain of my own Ship

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When my children were young, we had a painting day. Each of the children painted a picture. This picture as painted by my son.

He became disheartened while painting this picture. He thought it was not good enough and downed his tools.

What you see in this Inspirations for Life poster is his painting. I always loved it. To me it is perfect just the way it is. The original is proudly on my office wall.

I dedicate this poster to my beloved son. Who is more than good enough. I trust he knows this now.

I also dedicate this poster to all who believe that their art or themselves is not good enough.

Remember that you are the captain of your own ship. Free to choose what you think and how your feel.

Life is too short to let monster doubt stop you from finishing your own masterpiece.

Happy sailing! Towards your dream destination in life.

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