EMPOWERING WOMEN – Meditation & Mastery session tickets (12 Pack)

$216.00 INCL GST


The ladies who attend Empowering Women Turning Darkness into Light July 2022 workshop requested to meet regularly to continue their empowerment journey hence the birth of Empowering Women Meditation and Mastery Sessions.

These nurturing and inspiring sessions will give you some very much deserved “ME TIME” to stop, relax, learn and grow spiritually, personally and professionally alongside other powerful women seeking to reach greater levels of empowerment and to CREATE THE LIFE YOU DREAM.



How to use your tickets

  • After you purchase this pack, you will be automatically registered for the next 12 events unless you let us know that you can not make one of the dates.
  • Please contact us to register your first time guests.


Need a gift idea? This package makes a great present for someone you love

Empowering Women Meditation & Mastery















































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